Dear Faculty Member,

Welcome back to a new semester.  Here is some key information about Sakai on the following topics:

Sakai is accessible at  There is a link to Sakai on the Bradley web site A-Z list and on MyBU.  Please log in with your BUnetID and password.  Everyone with a BUnetID can access a place called "My Workspace."  My Workspace allows each person to store private files (in Resources) and set preferences for how s/he would like to receive notifications from sites.

Course sites are created automatically once a student registers for a class. The primary Instructor is given "instructor" access to the course site. Student rosters are updated daily with newly added or dropped students. Students dropped for non-payment who make the payment will be added back into the course site over night.  The course site is not visible to the student until the instructor "
Publishes" the site.

Any site in which you are a member will appear either as a tab or under the "My Active Sites" tab.  To rearrange your course tabs go to the My Workspace tab, then click Preferences, then rearrange your courses as you would like. For more information click

Course sites are not available to the students until instructors publish the sites.  To do this, click the course tab, click the "Publish Now" button in the upper left.

Your previous Sakai site content can be copied to your current site. Here are the steps:
- Compare your previous and current course sites and make sure that all the tools you used in before are also included in your current course menu. (if not, click Site Info >> Edit Tools >> check the boxes next to the tools you need and complete the process)
Then, go to your current course site and click Site Info.
- Choose "Import from Site".
- Choose your previous course.
- Check the boxes next to the content areas you want to copy and click Finish.

For more information click Go>.

The Sakai grade book calculates student grades only on scores that have been entered.  If students do not turn in work and you do not enter scores for them, Sakai ignores those grade book items for those students and calculates the students' grades based on fewer assignments/quizzes. However, if you have Sakai calculate grades through the "Calculate Course Grades" tool, Sakai will fill in zeros for all blank grade entries. For more information click


Fall Sakai Training Classes will be held in Library Packard Room: Dates and times TBD

Drop-in Help with Sakai - Kauffman Building - Stop in for one-on-one help!

Evening Hours - Kauffman Building - Please call 677-3045 or email to arrange a time.

You may also talk to your department chair to schedule a group session. A hands-on training session to get familiar with using Sakai will take 1 - 2 hours.  One-on-one sessions are also available by calling ITAC at 677-2344.

Online self-help is available at  Here you will find a course checklist, Quick-Start Guide for Faculty, video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to guide faculty members in preparing course sites for the semester.  For students, there are FAQs and a Quick-Start Guide on the site as well.

Thank you for your interest in learning this new technology.  Please contact ITAC if you have any questions or concerns.

Instructional Technology Assistance Center
Bradley University -
Kauffman Building